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Erasmus + project “Empowering vulnerable groups of women through financial education”

The Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb started implementing the project “Empowerment of vulnerable groups of women through financial education”, which was co-financed by the Erasmus + program.
The goal of the project is to empower vulnerable groups of women through participation in a series of educations on financial management and social capital.

The project will help vulnerable groups – women who survived partner/family violence, women in a difficult financial situation and migrant women to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills related to financial management, savings and career advancement, with the aim of gaining economic independence and empowerment. In addition to our organization, partner organizations PROGEU and Observo Onlus from Italy participate in the project.

The goals of the project are:
• Acquaint women with the basics of financial literacy and managing money and savings in everyday life;
• Inform women about financial issues, especially regarding resource management and savings;
• Empower women and encourage their active participation in economic and social processes;
• Increase community awareness and knowledge about the importance of economic empowerment of vulnerable groups of women.

Project activities:
• Implementation of 2 transnational seminars in which 16 women who survived intimate partner violence will participate. The first seminar will be held in Rome in June 2022, and the second will be held in Zagreb in November 2022.
• Training participants will create individual career plans “
• After the seminars, we will create a publication that will contain a detailed educational program and informational materials
• 2 short videos about the testimonies of seminar participants
• Communication campaign on social networks.


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